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Women on boards: putting Europe on the World map

The 2014 Catalyst Census shows the number of women on corporate boards around the world remains regrettably small. Norway has the best record, according to a recent survey by Catalyst, with women taking up 36% of its board seats. Finland is second, with 30%, and France is third, with 29.7%. But in countries like Japan, where some women still call their husbands “master,” only 3% of board seats are occupied by women. In the U.S., women hold 19% of seats among the S&P 500 companies.


Live kick-off of the GEMA project

The first live meeting of the GEMA team was in October 2014 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The project is based on a creative partnership between employer associations in the 4 South East Europe countries and an academic institution in the UK (University of Wolverhampton) which allows for a synergy of competences and experiences. The core involvement of four employer associations from Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Bulgaria presents a unique opportunity to translate research into practice.


Putting SEE countries on the map for women in leadership positions

Women are under-represented in many aspects of decision-making in the economy. This is especially evident at the level of top management teams and boards where, on average, only 16% of public listed companies’ boards in the EU are women. This figure disguises substantial national variations in women in leadership positions, with especially emerging economies lagging behind developed ones. Further, it is also skewed by top companies’ recent successes in improving the gender balance on their boards. In practice, the majority of companies, especially in the South Eastern Europe (SEE), still have no or few women in leadership positions. This is not only a social concern but also a serious matter for businesses and their competitiveness since research has shown how gender diversity on boards can positively impact company performance.

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