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Sanja Grobovšek

Sanja Grobovšek

GEMA newsletter: Detecting progress in the field of gender balance

GEMA consortium from Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia and UK is detecting progress in awareness of the significance of genderbalanced business leadership, but they also find that still many more steps are necessary for effective realisation of good practices. The level of gender-balanced representation and also the measures concerning this issue differ from one country to another. 


Please, read more in the 11th GEMA newsletter, available in English, Slovenian, Croatian, Bulgarian and Macedonian language.


Final GEMA newsletter: GEMA Network

During GEMA project we have developed knowledge transfer activities that equip organisations to set up or adopt effective policy, strategies and services for gender-balanced boards. Thus warmly invited to become part of GEMA network to facilitate collaboration, be a joined-up voice in this field and assist in the further sharing, development and enhancement of knowledge and expertise.



Please, read more in the newsletter, available in English, Slovenian, Croatian, Bulgarian and Macedonian language.


GEMA newsletter: Benefits of Family-Friendly Companies

The issue of coordination of personal and professional life is closely linked to the issue of gender equality. We cannot deal with one without the other. As soon as we start to look for options on how to increase the percentage of women in leading positions and how to balance the gender structure of top leadership, we encounter a problem: due to the fact that women do most of the care at home and housekeeping, they cannot stay at work late in the same manner as their male colleagues.



You are warmly invited to read more in the newsletter, available in English, Slovenian, Croatian, Bulgarian and Macedonian language.

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